Our services are designed to take the pressure off you. From the time you decide to purchase or sell, our team of conveyancing professionals take care of all the details for you.


Buying a Property

Buying a property can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Red Door Conveyancing will simplify this process for you by managing the transaction from end to end. Our services when buying include the following:

  • Complimentary review of Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement before signing
  • Advice on the Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement
  • Ensure Contract dates are met including “Subject to Finance” clause and seeking extensions when necessary
  • Estimation of Stamp Duty, Concessions and Government Fees and Charges associated with purchasing
  • Preparation of Statement of Adjustments
  • Communicating with the Mortgage Broker or Lender and the Vendor’s Representative to affect a smooth settlement
  • Arrangement and attendance of settlement with all parties
  • Preparation of Transfer of Land and Stamp Duty documentation

Selling a Property

When selling a property, many people desire to have their property listed on the market as soon as yesterday. Red Door Conveyancing understand this need and prioritise the drawing of your Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement. This ensures your property can be advertised and ready for sale when you are.

Red Door Conveyancing assists with the selling of your property by:

  • Preparing Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement
  • Ordering Property Certificates
  • Liaising with your Real Estate Agent and Bank to arrange documentation.
  • Liaising with the Purchaser’s Representative to complete the Transfer of Land and arranging Settlement
  • Reviewing Property Adjustments
  • Attending Settlement
  • Arranging Settlement funds


Property contracts are riddled with requirements and legal obligations for the Purchaser and Seller. Significant penalties for both parties may apply where contracts are not followed and contract dates are not adhered to.

Significant contract dates are Finance dates, Special Condition dates and Settlement dates. Missing these crucial deadlines can lead to loss of your deposit and/ or penalties

Red Door Conveyancing assist by co-ordinating the requirements for these Contracts to ensure all legal obligations and dates are met. Red Door Conveyancing also support the process of buying and selling property by reviewing your contract, and will go through the specific requirements with you so that they are understood.


Settlement is the final stage in the conveyancing process. It involves the coming together of parties such as the Banks, Purchaser’s Representatives and Seller’s Representatives to facilitate settlement.

Red Door Conveyancing attends settlement to review documentation provided by Third Parties and finalise the purchase or sale of your property.


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